This website is primarily for the members of the Results 121 community of professionals. This is where we learn, grow, inspire and share in our dynamic network of exceptional individuals.

Our evolving purpose is to enrich one another in self-development and leadership by providing tools for the highest level of professional excellence. This is accomplished one to one and centred on results!

Results One To One

Professional Development through Performance Mentoring & Coaching

Business professionals developing career, network and influence for positive impact

Engaging those highly motivated professionals to achieve extraordinary results and accelerate their leadership impact with situational breakthroughs.

John Parkinson Leadership Consulting

Leveraging 25 years of experience advising and enabling the implementation of cultural changes in major organisations. We offer consulting, keynote speaking and large-scale intervention facilitation, working with global high potential talents as well as established talented senior executives.
Results One To One

Leadership Consulting

Results One To One

Established and Senior Professionals

Senior executives at the critical time of “shine or decline”

Unique material and support to inspire and enable those more mature in career who want to leverage their wisdom to re-ignite their level of passion and impact (as opposed to having one eye on retirement).

John Parkinson is the creator of the Results 121 network and community. His primary focus is supporting individual business leaders with his coaching and performance mentoring. As part of this remit, and more widely in organisations John is always active in:
  • Defining, developing, and strengthening leadership teams
  • Creating leadership alignment
  • Building a trusting, values-driven culture
  • Strengthening effective communication
  • Creating dynamic teams and meaningful relationships
  • Engaging people to embrace change and continuous improvement
  • Moving beyond compliance and creating real commitment
  • Establishing cultural transformation
“The highest level of contribution and achievement for an individual comes from the alignment of their greatest strengths, values and ambition, with the key imperatives of an organisation.
These are the parallel powers that can propel a talented individual to their greatest heights of excellence.”

– John Parkinson