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For those of us in the older age bracket who aren’t especially excited at the prospect of retirement, then this population of (potentially) the greatest contributors who are at risk of a career plateau. In creating a separate focus for this group, it is extremely important to embrace the issues, needs and tools for development in a unique and separate manner to the younger, aspiring professionals.

The world is getting more complex and digitally driven, and yet the greatest knowledge often sits with the wisdom and experiences of the mature generation of business executives. In a world that requires age diversity as much as culture, gender etc, this is about the critical and unique needs of personal re-invigoration. In enabling the leveraging individual experience and build a plan that is more to do with further impact and contribution than retirement.

Getting results is deeply personal and very complex. Our lives have given us plenty of experience (good and bad of course!) that shapes our embedded beliefs and assumptions.  This means a deeper dive and thorough look into psychology so that you build a compelling vision for the rest of your life.

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